Vertical Die Granulator Fertilizer Production Line

Organic Fertilizer Production Line
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Main Equipments

Brief Introduction:

The traditional organic fertilizer granulator has low pelleting rate, high production cost per ton, low fertilizer profit margin, and poor profitability of fertilizer factories. Many fertilizer factories are very confused about these problems. In response to this practical problem, the experts of our company have combined their many years of practical experience to develop this granulator according to the needs of the organic fertilizer market. This organic fertilizer vertical mold granulator not only saves manpower, material resources, and Energy, environmental protection, and can improve production efficiency.
1.No need for granulation workers, high degree of automation and easy operation.
2. High ball forming rate, uniform particle shape, almost no return material, three times the efficiency of other granulators.
3. The fertilizer produced is of high quality, no filler is needed during production, the organic matter of the product will not be reduced, and the fertilizer effect is good.
4. The moisture content is low during granulation, the granule strength is high, and it is very easy to dry during drying, which reduces the load of the dryer. It is especially suitable for the production of bio-organic fertilizers and is an indispensable equipment for the design of bio-organic fertilizer production lines.