What we do?

1.We are manufacture of fertilizer production machines. The types of fertilizers can be various include NSK compound fertilizer, Organic fertilizer,Animal shit fertilizer, Farm Plant fertilizer,BB fertilizer,etc.We provide fertilizer production line complete- plan-design and solution, and we manufacture all types of fertilizer machines in our own one factory. We install the production line in customer’s site.We export all above machines to world market.
2.Our product No.1 series: Complete production line to make fertilizers. NSK compound fertilizer production line, Organic animal shit fertilizer production line, Organic farm plant fertilizer production line, Kitchen food residue waste fertilizer production line, BB fertilizer production line, and other types of fertilizer production line.
3.Our product No.2 serie: Unit machine for fertilizer production. Include fertilizer Granulator machines, Mix machine, Crusher, Dryer machine, Cooling machine, Screening Machine, Coating Machine,Weighing&Packing machine, Conveyor, Fermentation equipments, Fermentation house, Combustion furnace(Burning machine, to burn the raw materials such as wheat stalk/wood/grass), and many other machines more than 40 types in all.
4.The various raw materials from our customers, who aim to produce fertilizer in ball-shape. Nitrogen Phosphorus and Kalium(NPK) materials, Animal shit include chicken shit,Bull&cow shit,pig shit,sheep shit, farm Plant include Wheat stalk, Corn stalk, Sugarcane stalk, Sorghum stalk, Food waste,Wood, Grass, and many other raw materials.
5.Our factory. We have manufacture area in 40acre i.e.27000 sqm. Factory staff 60 people. Sales, customer service and R&D staff 20 people.

What are our advantages?

1.20 Years professional manufacture experience and install experience. We are one of the BEST suppliers of fertilizer production line in China.
2. Our customers include the Top 50 companies in China, such as Moonmilk, Yili, Muyuan, Evergrande, etc.
3. Good Quality. To make our fertilizer machines, We select good raw materials, not only the steel but also the PLC, Motor engine, conveyor we have our own manufacture technology to do that. So we can enable our machine to be used in long span life, with easy-operation for worker, stable quality, pretty-good looking by painting technology, easy-maintenance.
4. Every year we dispatch and install 100 sets of complete fertilizer production line. The production capacity of these line up to 10000000tons fertilizer. We dispatched 2000 units of fertilizer machines in one year. We have 150 customers who use our production line. In 35 provinces covering 500 cities there installed our fertilizer production line already.
5. Product Patent we have. We have 20+ independent product patents, which used for our fertilizer machine manufacturing.
6. Design ability is strong. Complete-production line design is our advantage, to customer’s special requirement we are able to design and make out the right solution, based on customer’s raw materials/ factory site space and other conditions. We are also able to produce customized machines to fulfill customer’s demand.
7. Lead time is fast. 15- 20days delivery time.
8. Warranty and After-sales service. Warranty time of our production line is 12 month.
12hours x 5day after-sales service. Customer can feel free to contact us when have question.
9. Lots of successful cases we have, enable us to provide any new customer with right feasible solution. In history, many customers enquired us with various raw materials, and site their factories in different cities and areas. Customers always have different requirement o fertilizers. These requirements include and varied in fertilizer roughness, polishing, shape, ball size, production capacity per hour, fertilizer package, trace element,etc
10. Normal production capacity of production line required by customers. 1-2 tons per hour, 3-4 tons per hour are popular, and 10tons per hour is also required by some customers.
11. Location, easy for factory visit. Our company located in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China. Zhengzhou city is a central city of China, and also central crossed city of Railway fast train of China. Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai to Zhengzhou city only cost 2 hour to 5 hour by fast train, and no more than 2 hours if by plane. Zhengzhou airport (Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, CGO in short) is also an International airport.

Welcome to contact us

Over these years, our company has strictly adhered to "honest, keep promise and best quality" as our corporate philosophy. We have earned an excellent reputation and public praise all over the world. If you are interested in some of our products, please feel free to visit our website or contact us for more information and pictures. We are looking forward to establishing long-lasting business relationships with you in the near future.